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Axis EN 1 Loop Panel
Axis EN 2 Loop Panel
Axis EN 4 Loop Panel
Axis EN 8 Loop Panel
Touch Control
Resettable Call Point
Input Card
(MXP-537 / MXP-537F)
Peripheral Relay Card
(MXP-052 / MXP-046-DIN)
Zonal LED Indicator Card
Peripheral Switch Card
Pager Interface Card (ESPA)
Thermal Printer
Peripheral Bus I/O Card
4-Way Programmable Sounder Card
Programmable Zone Monitor Card
Fan/Smoke Control Card
Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector
Display Card
Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector (No Isolator)
Intelligent Multicriteria Detector
Intelligent Multicriteria Detector (No Isolator)
Intelligent Heat Detector
Intelligent Heat Detector (No Isolator)
AV Photoelectric Smoke
AV Photoelectric Smoke Lite
AV Multicriteria Detector
AV Multicriteria Detector Lite
AV Heat Detector Lite
AV Class A1R & B Heat
Waterproof Call Point
Detector Bases
Waterproof Wall Sounder
Wall Mounted Sounder
Single Input Modules
Monitored Output Module
Single input/Relay Output
Conventional Zone Module
Single Relay Output
Single Input/Supervised Output
Conventional Detector Base
Intelligent Remote Indicator
Wall Sounder
Programming Unit
Addressable Beacon
Wall Sounder Beacon
Intelligent Sounder Beacon Base
Slave Sounder Base and Slave Sounder Beacon Base
Intelligent Sounder Base