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Fire alarm system design

We have designed and installed intelligent fire alarm systems in all kinds of environments, such as warehouses, clean rooms, data centres, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings.

Compared to conventional fire alarms, an addressable fire alarm has a great number of benefits: Fire location can be easily pinpointed, specific actions can be programmed and there is less risk of false alarms. Due to its wiring loop design, it is also more reliable in connectivity with lower wiring costs. System integrity is additionally easier to monitor.

Our fire alarm systems are compliant with local standards such as SS CP10:2005 and NFPA 72/318. We are able to integrate various VESDA systems, such as fire annunciators and voice evacuation systems based on your requirements.

Aspirating smoke detection system design

Aspirating Smoke Detection systems offer advanced protection against possible fire hazards and have been successfully deployed in virtually any industry.

Due to the system’s continuous air sampling, the earliest warnings of fires can be detected. This enables rapid response in investigation before any fires can escalate and also minimises false alarms.

BES Tech Solutions understands that pipe network design is critical for ASD systems to perform at its best. We optimise detection coverage while keeping in mind a lowered installation cost, and increased durability and reduced maintenance needs. Our ASD products include the world-class VESDA systems, which offer multi-level detection and high sensitivity for maximum fire protection.

Customised mimic and control panel design

We can help you design FACP and mimic panels with seamless integration. In the event of a fire alert, response is everything and mimic panels are crucial in pinpointing fire locations. Our addressable panel design has enabled many of our clients to vastly improve their fire protection measures.

Our control and mimic panels are assembled in-house by skilled technicians, so you can be assured of superior product quality.

Site Troubleshooting & Investigation Report

Having problems with your fire alarm system or Aspirating smoke detection system that are recurring and cannot be solved? We have a pool of highly skilled staff who can troubleshoot your system and recommend necessary rectification works. We stock most of the common fire alarm and aspirating smoke detection parts so the downtime for replacement is kept to the minimum. Contact us for a solution for your system. We will be able to save your system, time and money.


We have the tools and capability to capture eventlogs, smoke trends and analyse the sequence of events in case of a fire or a gas suppression discharge. With our knowledge of complete fire safety system we are able to filter out the events and generate a full report that gives the owner a clear understanding of the sequence of activation and the root cause. When necessary we will give a recommendation with our report for system improvement.